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At PLN we believe we are better together!? Relationships are the foundation of building a great life and safe future for all, regardless of ability or circumstance.? As well, wise financial and future planning today ensures a great life for a vulnerable loved one tomorrow and for their lifetime.

At Planned Lifetime Networks, we provide for both of these essentials, building social support networks, and education on critical issues regarding future security.

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As we head into the spring, please take special notice of our w88ประเทศไทยWorkshops page, where you will find details about the events taking place in the upcoming months. You’ll see details about our six week “w88ประเทศไทยA Good Life” series for parents and caregivers. Sounds like a fit for you? Drop us a line (email us at info@ w88ประเทศไทย www.alexmaurilewis.com) or register now!

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all our supporters! Thank you so much for your ongoing support and generosity. We’ve had an excellent 2017, and look forward to growing and building up even more supports for families and individuals with disabilities in 2018.

To read more about what 2017 has brought, please read our w88ประเทศไทยlatest newsletter. Please also consider donating, if you are able. There are only two more days to make donation and receive a charitable tax receipt. Every dollar helps us to assist families in building secure futures and a good life for their vulnerable loved ones.


Thank you to all who made our fall 2017 workshops possible! This fall we were able to offer four workshops to service providers, caregivers and focus people. Our selection this fall included the following:

  • Care for the Caregiver with Linda Fleming from Community Support Connections
  • Wills, Estates and Henson Trusts with Peter Brennan from Amy, Appleby and Brennan
  • Lunch and Learn about Planned Lifetime Networks and Bridges to Belonging with Nadine Hiemstra from PLN and Carmen Sutherland from BtoB
  • Ontario Disability Support Program and Registered Disability Savings Plan with Fatima DaSilva from the Kitchener ODSP office and Paul Arsenault from Kindred Credit Union

We are so please to partner with many knowledgeable individuals and organizations in our local community. If you are interested in upcoming workshops, sign up for our email list. We also welcome suggestions for future workshops by email at learning@plnwwo.ca.



12th Annual Amble?

The 12 Annual Amble took place on September 23rd, 2017 at?The Family Centre.?We were pleased to welcome participants from our members and community, and to gather together at an inclusive event to celebrate the work of Planned Lifetime Networks. Read more…


Changes to Ontario Social Assistance Programs

By: Nadine Hiemstra

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and Ontario Works (OW) have some changes taking effect in the upcoming months, as a result of decisions unveiled in the Ontario Government’s Spring 2017 Budget. These changes are not insignificant, particularly with regards to the ability of families to plan and save money for the long term future. Read more…


Fast Facts:

  • A single individual recieving ODSP can now save up to $40 000 of money in their bank account without penalty. Couples can save up to $50 000. This is up from $5 000 and $7 500 respectively.
  • A single individual receiving OW can now save up to $10 000 of money in their bank account without penalty. Couples can save up to $15 000. This is up from $2 500 and $5 000 respectively.
    • Increases to asset limits will take effect by January 2018.
  • An individual receiving either OW or ODSP can receive up to $10 000 in gifts or withdrawals from trusts or Segregated funds in a 12 month period without it negatively affecting their ODSP income (up from $6000)
    • This change takes effect in September 2017
  • Regardless of the amount, a gift used to help pay first or last month’s rent, purchase a vehicle, or purchase a residence will not affect the income of an individual receiving OW or ODSP
    • Other gifts deemed to be income outside of these uses will continue to be deducted from ODSP/OW income cheques
    • This takes effect in September 2017
  • ODSP increases by 2% starting in September 2017
  • OW increases by 2% starting in October 2017



weaving a story of change

The Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project

Prepared by:
David Hasbury, Neighbours International

The following is an extract of the Ontario Independent Facilitation?Network (OIFN) document “w88ประเทศไทยweaving a story of change“.

There are an estimated 70,000 people with developmental disabilities in Ontario. Fewer than 20,000 have spaces in agency directed residential settings; most of them require day/employment support on weekdays as well. By 2018, 24,000 people will access PASSPORT direct individualized funding to enable people to create more customized support.

Calling For New Collaborations

The Ministry, service providers, individuals, families, advocates all agree new options are needed. w88ประเทศไทยRead more…

Employment Opportunities



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